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Details about the IndustriData Maintenance System

IndustriData Maintenance is a computer based system designed to plan, manage and document maintenance tasks. The system is built up around components which are to be maintained. The maintenance tasks with the appropriate work description are attached to the components . The maintenance tasks may be planned to be carried out:
  • periodically,
  • as a one time job or
  • on the base of the condition of the component
Maintenance tasks which have been completed, form the history of the component. Unscheduled maintenance tasks; that is corrective maintenance, are also included in the component history. A maintenance schedule shows which maintenance tasks that are due. On the basis of the maintenance schedule, work orders are printed out and reported accomplished. Accomplished tasks are added to the components history.

Components, maintenance tasks and maintenance history are the key elements in the system. In addition the system contains tools especially designed for those who manage, coordinate and perform maintenance. The most important tools are the routines for analysis, budget, spare parts, spare part storage, drawings, vendor archive and purshase orders.

Easy to use

The idea behind IndustriData Maintenance is to make the system as user friendly as possible. Therefore, the users have played an important role right from the start during the development of the system. Active users have given valuable feedback and ensured that the system is easy to understand and efficient in use. Only one day of training should be necessary for someone who is familiiar with MS Windows.


The system is built to meet the users needs and requirements, not more nor less. The result is a simple, oversiktlig and reasonably priced maintenance system.

Maintenance tasks

The table below shows some of the information attached to a maintenance task.

Task descriptionA description of how to perform the task
ScheduleShows how often a certain task is to be executed, for instance every third month, twice a year or every 1500 hour.
CategoryShows who is responsible for the task, for instance the electrical or mechanical department.
Type of taskDefined by the customer, for instance inspection, planned maintenance and corrective maintenance.
ResponsibleResponsible for a task may be defined by name, work title or department.
BudgetWork hours, wages, parts and external costs.
LawLaws or regulations which applies to a task.


Each component is registered with a unique component number, name of the component and additional facts as follows:

  • Maintenance tasks
  • Vendor
  • Spare parts
  • Drawings
  • Maintenance history

The system supports userdefined and standard component number systems; among others the SFI number system.


The maintenance history is the basis for statistics. For instance statistics may be used to find out the maintenance cost of one group of components during a specific period of time or the maintenance cost within a department.

Maintenance schedule

The maintenance schedule displays all maintenance tasks that should be performed within a certain date. On the basis of the maintenance schedule, work orders are printed out and reported accomplished. All information regarding accomplished tasks will be added to the history for the actual component. When a task is reported finnished, the report from the work order and used resources will be registered. The registration of used resources makes it possible to follow up budget. If it is necessary to cancel a planned maintenance task this must be registered in the history fo the actual component including a short explanation.

Spare parts

The system's spare part module handles one or more stores. Spare parts may be linked to components. The system handles purchasing of spare parts when required. Information that is registered:

  • Number of parts in stock
  • Minimum quantity
  • Normal quantity.
  • Quantity in order

Purchase order

The purchase order is filled out manually or generated automatic with information regarding component, vendor and spare parts. The purchase order may be printed on FAX-machine or a printer.

Vendor file

A vendor is normally linked to one or more components, but not necessarily. If so, they may still be registered.

Contact person file

This file contains actual contact persons with relevant information like adress, telephone no., FAX no. and E-mail adress. A contact person may be connected to a vendor, but not necessarily.


The system comes in both norweagian and english. It is possible to change language while running the program without restart. The network version supports both english and norweagian users.

Law references

Laws and regulations may be linked to maintenance tasks and may be used as a key for generating documentation of performed and planned law regulated maintenance.

Network - Modem

The network version which is a client-server application is optimized for minimum communication over the network. As a result of this, the client server version has a good performance even with a 28.8 kbaud modem.

Variations of the system

IndustriData Maintenance is available in the following versions:

Standard version

This version has all the properties and functions previously described.

Network version

This is a multi-user client-server application. The maintenance server is accessed through network, internet, modem or ISDN. Supports simultaneous Norwegian and English clients.

Lite version

This is the version for the user who wants a system that is especially easy to use. The menus are simpler and the features regarding spare parts, drawing references and purchase orders are removed. The Lite version can easily be upgraded to both standard and network version.


For the network version a server version of the operating system is not required. The server program will run on Windows 2000 or higher, Windows7 professional is recommended as a cost effective solution.
The client (or standalone) program will run on Windows 98 or later, later versions will require Windows2000 or higher.

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