M-prog Maintenance

M-Prog Maintenance is a complete system for managing and documentation of ship and shipping maintenance activities. It is based on IndustriData Maintenance but has additional features for ISM.

The program is easy to configure and can be used in both small and large companies, today we have over 100 customers using the maintenance language.

The system is divided into offices, boats, workshops and warehouses, and you have full control of users and data access.

The program automatically takes care of documentation through the use of the program, and your own management documents can easily be integrated with the document system and used actively in the program. Various features, logs and custom forms reduce the paper usage radically.The program comes in a basic version with what it takes to set up a maintenance plan.

Maintenance activities can be divided between practitioners who can take out work orders themselves and report the job done. Visual tools to compare maintenance status between boats.

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