More about Fruit Client

The producer can:

  • Register field, spraying, fertilizer, irrigation, soil samples,
  • Enter fruit / vegetables to fruit storage to be delivered via PC / mobile
  • System for printing labels via PC / mobile
  • Confirm fruit / vegetable is received in the packing facilities, with comments (if and), and sorting results
  • Get statistics on crop / value per variety and per field / area
  • Get statistics on size / colour / error types
  • Access to information about pesticide, fertilizer, etc.
  • Show consumption of pesticides, fertilizer
  • Retrieve sales figures, settlements,
  • Order your operating equipment (parts, plastic, pesticide, fertilizer, etc.) from you
  • Purchase goods
  • See purchased goods years back

The packing facility can:

  • Producer register can be sorted by culture, email and text message can be sent. Eg. Can you send SMS to all manufacturers who have onions.
  • See planned delivery of fruits / vegetables, raw materials to be processed and finished goods
  • Do a quality judgement for each producer delivery.
  • Weigh, label, and enter storage position
  • Sort deliveries with automatic save of sorting results
  • Advanced producer payment where price / price date can be controlled by delivery date, sorting date, sales date, receipt date.
  • Make pallets, label pallets with pallet labels
  • Make consignment notes, label pallets with shipping labels
  • Manage orders from wholesaler
  • Invoice wholesaler with advanced rules for calculating prices
  • Invoice producers for sale of assets
  • Support for electronic ordering, confirmation, package leaflet and invoice via Dedip2
  • Support for temperature measurement in boxes using wireless temperature meter and bar-code reader
  • Sell goods to producers.
  • Campaigns for the sale of goods where producers order themselves
  • Direct Sales / Cash / Invoice
  • Share limited access to the system for advisor’s / authorities
  • Employees can register working hours using magnetic swipe cards
  • Calculate employee hour usage for various activities
  • Sum hours for salary calculation
  • Production plans, field overview, field age, treatment, etc.
  • Inventory and ordering system
  • Support for use of silo with graphical silo view.
  • Statistic for sales, product types, etc.
  • Advanced system for label production integrated with sorting processes for automatic change of producer name, etc.
  • Document product flow all the way from producer to wholesaler / store

Advisor’s and researchers can:

  • Access field information, age distribution of cultures
  • Get access to spraying, fertilization and irrigation
  • Access crop yields
  • Access sorting results
  • Get access to profitability per area / culture.


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