Fruit Client

Fruit Client is a leading logistics software for packing and fruit storage in Norway.

We have 18 packing facilities with 25 sub-units in Norway that use the software in fruit, berries, vegetables, potatoes, carrots and onions. Fruit Client communicates with 5 different sorting systems, many different weights, bar-code readers, magnetic card readers and Bluetooth temperature probes for checking temperature at reception / shipment.

Fruit Client is a complete logistics solution.

The idea was that we wanted a system where both producers andthe packing facilities could interact, and that information should flow between the producer and the packing facilities.

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The program is very flexible and can be customized to the customer.
We can assist with installation, setup and training if desired.

Presentation of the program  (only in Norwegian)

Fruit Client is in use at: Ringvold Frukthage, Telejuice, Fellespakkeriet Lier, Totenpoteter, Ryfylkefrukt, Sunndalspotet, Coop Frosta, Toten Løkpakkeri, Ryfylke Fellespakkeri, Ullensvang Fruktlager, Produsentpakkeriet Trøndelag, Telefrukt, Hardanger Fjordfrukt, Valldal Grønt, Innvik Fruktlager, Nå Fruklager, Sognefrukt, Lærdal Grønt