Bergen Brannvesen

«IndustriData Vedlikehold is used by many departments here at the house. There are smoke divers, operation of fire station buildings, IT, etc.

Bergen brannvesen currently has 73 vehicles with different equipment and requirements for documented year’s checks / approvals. These include everything from big fire lifts, trolleys, cranes, fire equipment and advanced fire and rescue cars.

We have good help from IndustriData at their computer systems for managing and analyzing maintenance.

This tells us when our equipment is subject to annually validated approvals by the EU / PKK. Scheduled maintenance and corrective maintenance. Ex Daily checks, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, annual, etc.

It tells us when our lifts are to be certified / checked.

IndustriData Vedlikehold tells and saves all documentation on our equipment. Also stores information about how the job should be performed, or performed and by whom.

IndustriData Vedlikehold allows us to store and store all technical specifications and important drawings, table of contents, history, service reports, state-of-the-art maintenance in advance, service contracts / agreements, suppliers, certificate storage and yearly approvals and document archives.

This makes our crews easy to access and report errors and is missing in maintenance / job reporting. Errors and omissions are added in the subject field, and the person reporting the error / missing is displayed in the report.

IndustriData Vedlikehold gives us full overview of driven km on vehicle, timing of pumps, etc. Costs, number of hours worked, sharing costs, etc.

One can easily search for a component that gets its own component number, which you can enter various important information. » – Bjørn Ove Mårstig 2014